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Server Opening!

BugsBee_ posted Jul 15, 17

Welcome to PrideMc!

Welcome to the opening and launch of PrideMC! We are proud to announce that we have been working on this server for almost a year now and are finally at a point where we can open the server to the public.

Note:: The server, while open, is still in Beta and you may experience bugs or find issues. You MUST report these to us so that we may fix them and create a better experience for you all to play on. We are open to suggestions but please do not bug staff on the server with them, post on the forums and we will read and consider them.

Launch sale!

Yes, you read that correctly. There will be a 40% launch sale to celebrate the opening of PrideMC, the sale will continue until September 1st.


Some tips about Economy Survival (Our first and only server type at launch)  -

1) There are prison-like mines and farms situated throughout the spawn, you may use these mines to gather items that you can either use for building or sell to the shops which can be found around each mine.

2) When you have enough money in your balance, you can use /rankup to progress to the next economy rank. When you reach the maximum rank, you will receive all of the economy perks (Ability to create player shops, etc). Each rank in the ladder will grant access to new mines/farms and things such as player shops. You can find out what each rank can access by typing /ranks in-game.

3) When you reach the final economy rank (God), if you have enough money you may prestige via /prestige. Once you prestige you will find yourself reset to the Civilian economy rank and are required to go through the ranks again. You will maintain all of your previous priviledges from being God, except you will lose the ability to access the mine/farms that your previous rank could access. There are 10 prestiges in total and we will be adding cool features to those who reach the final (10th) prestige!

4) You can protect land regions, the cost of your claimed region will depend entirely on its size. The minimum cost for a region is $2,500. Please follow the in-game tutorial on region claiming to learn how to buy your region and protect your builds!

5) The world is a custom generated world. This means that while the server is running 1.11 and you can get all of the 1.11 mobs and other things, world-generation updates such as mansions will not be found. To add to this, all structures found in the world are custom. The world was generated on a 1.7 server and you will not find newer blocks or things such as guardian temples. However, there is a guardian farm in the spawn for those who are a high enough rank to use.

6) Custom enchantments! PrideMC has some very cool enchantments that you can obtain through voting for our server. Each time you vote via /vote you will gain a Vote Crate key, when you open each Vote Crate you have a chance to win an Engram, You can use each Engram (Common, Rare, Legendary, Exotic) to open another chest that will roll and give you a random enchant. If you wish, you can also support our server by purchasing Enchant Engram keys in the server shop

Beta rules:: Asking for staff will result in a warning/kick/ban. We are not looking for staff and when we come to a stage that we do wish for more, we will open applications on the website. There should be no discussion in-game about becoming staff or how to do so!

Join us on Discord

We have our own Discord group, here you can chat about the server with others. https://discord.gg/djV6qyM

Welcome to PrideMC

Erielia posted Jul 9, 17

Welcome to PrideMC

I'm going to take the time to use this first post to explain a little about PrideMC and our launch goals. We have been developing this server for almost a year now and plan to maintain a high standard in builds, updates and any features we introduce. Wish to see a feature on the server? Post your suggestions on the forum and we will take them into consideration. Please report any bugs you find on the forums along with steps to recreate them.

At our launch we have only our main server.

Economy Survival:

Features include

  • Custom generated map (Including complete re-vamp of ore distribution on the map)
  • Prison-like mines with rank progression
  • Donator ranks that give access to cool in-game features
  • Region claiming (Using WorldGuard you may purchase a region, cost depends on size)
  • In-game rewards for voting for our server
  • Auction House (Auction hard-to-get items that aren't sold via server shops!
  • mcMMO skills and levelling

You can check out the world map HERE to check out just how unique our custom generated world is.

The world size is a square radius of 30,0000 so there is plenty of space to explore and build.

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